As educators, we should be designing learning activities that are hands-on, active, and applied; that provide students with a lot of voice and choice; that allow them to be creative; that foster their critical thinking and problem-solving skills; that let them share, communicate, and collaborate; that provide opportunities for them to tap into their interests and passions; that give them chances to use technology in interesting ways; that connect them in meaningful ways with outside experts, organizations, and local communities; and so on…

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All of our students deserve deeper learning opportunities, even during a pandemic.

Local school districts are experiencing growing pressure from educational experts, governing authorities and parents to reopen their campuses for the upcoming school year

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Getting ready for a new school year is always a challenge, even under normal circumstances. But the challenge this year is beyond unprecedented. It is unimaginable. Administrators, teachers and maintenance staffs are being overwhelmed by the new and still-changing requirements, even as they struggle with difficult personal decisions about exposure and risk.

I miss my students so much it hurts

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The next time you scroll through your camera roll– and I know that you will– allow room for both feelings of sadness AND gratitude. When you are meeting your students online to connect and engage with them, tell them that you miss them and that you wish you could be together in the classroom, but don’t forget to also remind them how lucky you are to still see their smiles and hear their voices. When your eyes fill with tears and your stomach turns to knots when thinking about how you may not end the school year or get a sense of closure with your group of kiddos, remind yourself of this quote from Winnie the Pooh: “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”


Holistic Health


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What is overprotection?

It is excessive protection or shielding. In other words, it is excessive restriction of a child’s behavior allegedly in the interest of his/her health and welfare by an anxious, insecure or domineering parent[1]. A helicopter parent[2] (a cosseting parent) is one who pays extreme close attention to the child’s experiences and problems particularly in educational institutions. They hover overhead overseeing every aspect of the child’s life constantly.

Disadvantages of overprotection

  • Limits a child’s independence. Children are less able to regulate their own behavior[3].
  • Parents try to bear all the trouble. Children do not become responsible adults.
  • Cannot face odd situations where they need to take instantaneous decision.
  • May lead to teenage rebellion due to excessive discipline.
  • Often lose opportunities as they are prevented from venturing out to far off places. They have to…

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Things no one tell you about studying abroad.

Glitter in Hell

So I am sure that just like me you have come across a shit ton of youtubers talking about their experiences living abroad, about how it’s all unicorns and rainbows and an occasional drizzle. Let me tell you about the real picture and don’t get me wrong, it’s not soul crushing but it ain’t all that cracked up to be either.

  1. Loneliness is a real thing : Someone like me, a proud introvert ( that’s even on my Instagram bio, so you can guess I’m hella proud of my lack of social skills) who thought living all on own your own would be super fun was wrong. You get used to the daily chores, meal preps ( Mom, I miss your food!!!) and the different education style, but NEVER the loneliness. You know the difference between being alone and lonely, yes/no ? well you get to feel it. You are…

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I never finished a blog I liked

This is How I would Teach it

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If you are catching me for the first time. ( I think I had 8 people looking at this blog before I abandoned it last year due to life) you will see from other posts I usually share a free idea or resource then say “This is how I would teach it.” So this post is just dipping my toe back into the biosphere after being too overwhelmed to keep up. Please share if you can. More users always helps keep me going!

Its summer 2019. I don’t even know when I touched this blog last. I created it because I hate pay to play teacher sites. Making money off your teaching ideas, resources and approaches is for college professors and textbook companies. Teachers Pay Teachers is the saddest commentary on the state of our profession. We take the meager salaries we have, invest them…

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Why actually working at school is important (Not because of the work)

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The Science Guru

A lot of people in the public education system seem to completely disregard the work the teachers have painstakingly set out for them, and even when they do it, they refuse to understand it.

This highlights a problem within society, and that being the lack of conviction that resides in all of them. This can equate to several problems, but one in particular is that we see a lack of leaders, none willing to lead tomorrow’s industry. Those who tend to be lazy through the school system may very well end up in the lower middle class, and then nothing would be unique about them because they would be trading all of their time for money. Or they can work hard for what they want.

I’m not saying it is the school work that is the magical key here, we all know that unless your a physicist you won’t need…

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