If you don’t do some work before graduation, adulting will be a rude awakening

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Ultimately, you get out of college what you put in. Make the most of it by doing everything you can to set yourself up for success. You will be more prepared for your future dream job and career. Take it from someone who just finished and is now applying for jobs: don’t waste this time. Do all you can to set yourself up for a successful future.


Instead of beating myself up and blaming the test, the professor, or the course for my performance on an exam, I would own up to my performance and think about how my study habits or techniques might have affected that score

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I guess the main takeaway of this story is that there are so many useful academic resources at UCLA, and it is up to us students to take advantage of them as much as possible.


Why actually working at school is important (Not because of the work)

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A lot of people in the public education system seem to completely disregard the work the teachers have painstakingly set out for them, and even when they do it, they refuse to understand it.

This highlights a problem within society, and that being the lack of conviction that resides in all of them. This can equate to several problems, but one in particular is that we see a lack of leaders, none willing to lead tomorrow’s industry. Those who tend to be lazy through the school system may very well end up in the lower middle class, and then nothing would be unique about them because they would be trading all of their time for money. Or they can work hard for what they want.

I’m not saying it is the school work that is the magical key here, we all know that unless your a physicist you won’t need…

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